Price of a Slice

Calling all Cake Lovers!
Introducing Price of a Slice!

In 2017 Frontier Services is making fundraising for the Patrol Ministry a piece of cake!

Simply bake a cake or put on a pot of tea, gather together informally and contribute the “price of a slice” towards the cost of running a Frontier Services Patrol in remote Australia!

The average Patrol in remote Australia costs around $120,000 per year to run.

Did you know that –?
$50 can provide food or spare clothing for a person at risk
$100 can provide a tank of fuel
$150 can provide a dry bed in bad weather for a Patrol Minister on the road
$250 can pay for a minor repairs for a Patrol vehicle
$380 can purchase a spare 4WD tyre
$800 can pay for a major annual service on a Patrol vehicle.

You can download a posterreceipt register and/or a reconciliation form or simply send your donation marked Price of a Slice to:

Frontier Services
Price of a Slice
GPO Box 2527 Sydney, NSW, 2001

To make a donation via direct deposit please contact
1300 787 247 for a reference number and bank details.

price of a slice

A prayer for Patrol Ministers which you may
choose to use during your Price of a Slice event:

Gracious, engaging, Living God, from
Tom Price in the Pilbara to the midlands
of Tasmania we dare to believe that you
are the Lord of all creation.

Watch over, especially this day, the
patrol ministers who by their very
presence reflect the compassion, commitment
and love of your people to all the people
they encounter across remote Australia.

May their ministry of presence provide
a safe and transforming place for all
that is shared, and touches their lives.

Lord, especially in times of loneliness
and exhaustion when the tyranny of distance
takes its toll, remind these
Patrol Ministers that they and their
families are upheld in prayer and
sustained by our giving.

These prayers and those of our hearts
we bring in the name of Jesus Christ,
our Lord and Saviour. Amen.

– Rev Paul Bartlett

Thanks to the great work of our Frontier Services
Uniting Church Auxiliary, QLD, who have been
running Price of a Slice for some years
throughout Queensland.